West Village

The iconic, artsy neighborhood with a bohemian flair.


Considered the Notting Hill of New York, West Village gives of a feeling of old world charm as the area is full of old brownstones and tree lined streets. West Village is a mostly residential area full of walking streets overflowing with small restaurants and boutiques. The neighborhood has a feeling of vibrancy and youth as 45% of the residents are between 20-39 years old making West Village an excellent location to live for its calm atmosphere, but with nightlife in easy walking distance right next door in the Meatpacking District.


The neighborhood is bounded from Houston Street to 14th St. and West Side Highway to 7th Ave. It is an easy walk to nearby neighborhoods of Chelsea, Meat Packing, Greenwich Village and Soho which have plenty of shopping, food and entertainment too. In West Village, boutiques run along Bleecker Street drawing residents outside especially in the warmer months. Public transportation is easy in West Village, as the neighborhood is full of subway and bus stops taking residents all over New York with ease..

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Food &Drink:

West Village loves food, and everyone loves the food in West Village. With restaurants, bakeries, and bars lining Bleecker Street, it’s hard to find a bad meal or to dislike the abundant outdoor seating.


Shopping in West Village has remained highly local and many shops are unique in so many ways! From cards, to moleskin books, or gourmet cheeses and meats, West Village is full of fantastic finds.


The true entertainment in the West Village is all the shopping and dining opportunities. With so many small stores and restaurants to explore, you may never be able to try them all!

Sports & Outdoors:  

Active residents crowd the area as they run or visit the small parks. Nearby is Washington square park as well as the NYU campus for a little more space or head west towards the Hudson River.

Arts & Culture:

Most of the original residents of West Village were artists and intellectuals. While the majority of residents are now young professionals, the artsy European feel of the neighborhood remains. With people constantly enjoying friends and their home neighborhood, this is as warmhearted as it gets..


Grab an ice cream cone or head over the fountain for a relaxing night with the kids. Or visit Bleecker Playground to burn up some energy.