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West Seattle

A new look for traditional Seattle.


In the past 15 years West Seattle has received a facelift from its 20th century era housing to a modern mixed community. Covering a large amount of space, West Seattle has a collection of different neighborhoods each with their own personality. All along the water you will see stunning views of the city skyline and residents enjoying the entertainment and outdoor activities. Families enjoy the open space and the fun activities as well as the diverse options for dinning and housing.


Located southwest of downtown, West Seattle is bordered by water on three sides and contains around 20 different neighborhoods. With so much to explore it’s hard to describe this area in a few sentences. But with access to public transportation and the highway system, you can still commute to other parts of town with ease.


Tree-lined streets full of single-family homes are popular in West Seattle as well as apartments of all different kinds.


landmarks & Scenes:

Views across the bay draw residents from all over West Seattle to enjoy the skyline and spend time outdoors.

Food & Drink:

Whether you are looking for a quick pizza or a craft beer, West Seattle has you covered.


National brands such as Trader Joe’s can be found in West Seattle as well as numerous local shops and boutiques selling everything from clothing to hand made arts and crafts.


Entertainment can be found all over West Seattle. If you like the beach head over to Alki, and if you like to eat out there are more than a few options to try.

Sports & Outdoors:

Running, walking or biking along the bay is a favorite pastime in West Seattle and with the views across the bay can you blame residents for flocking to the shore?

arts & culture:

Eclectic and unique, West Seattle has an established, yet evolving, atmosphere with young families, singles, and residents that are young at heart calling West Seattle home.


With so much to explore, everywhere you turn families are out and about in West Seattle.