What's it like moving to the city? 

We'd love to know more about your experience relocating to a new city. Whether you're moving to New York City or Mexico City, you've moved to an exciting and dynamic new place. We're going to bet you've got some stories and some advice from your adventure. 

So, what did you learn?

At Property Advisors, we help people like you moving for work all over the world. We're always looking for great tips and advice. What was your process like? What would you have done differently? What's your advice for people moving to your city? 

How's it going so far?

Did you just settle in or have you been in your new city for awhile now? You've probably found some great spots for coffee, groceries, a great bar, or the perfect get away to relax. Tell us how it's going! 

Fill out the form below to tell us what's on your mind. We pinky promise we won't share your full name (unless you really want us to.) But, we will use your advice and tips to help our clients with their own move! 


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