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A comfortable city neighborhood with lots to explore 


The Sunset district is a new area of San Francisco that is home to comfortable, middle-class neighborhoods and a fair amount of fog. With its distance from the historic downtown, Sunset has managed to keep some of its 1950's charm and diverse cultural mix. Its proximity to the beach, Golden Gate Park, and ocean views make it a great area for families and young professionals alike.


Sunset is quite a large area, located to the southwest of the city and surrounded by Golden Gate Park to the north, with the Pacific Ocean and Twin Peaks to the east. Sunset is divided into three smaller neighborhoods: Outer Sunset, West Portal, and Parkside. Each neighborhood has its own personality, but share a calm atmosphere and a love for food.



Sunset is full of Streamline Modern and Craftsman style houses that give this city neighborhood a very friendly and comfortable feel. Most homes in this area have unique detailing on the porches and windows that are often painted fun colors like yellow and purple.

Landmarks & Scenes:

Sunset would not be the sunset district without it's endless beach property. Don't forget to check out one of the largest natural history museums in the world, located in the middle of Golden Gate Park!

Food &Drink:

Although the Sunset has a great cultural range in dining options, grab some good American food at well attended Park Chow. Grab a cup of joe in the San Francisco 'toast' phenomenon at Trouble Coffee. Cozy up at InnerFog; with a $5 wine and $3 beer list, it's hard to go wrong.


Being renowned as San Francisco's Surf neighborhood, it's not hard to find some of the best surf shops in the city.

Pluck through the art, trinkets, and vintage clothing (+ Garden in the back) at The General Store, but don't be surprised if you turn the corner to find a beautiful display of cheap orchids or culturally unique items while roaming the Sunset district.


Pick up the latest blockbuster or cult classic on the way home from work at Le Video.

Sports & Outdoors:  

Row (or walk) around Stowe Lake in the midst of Golden Gate Park. Catch some air at the edges of Fort Funston and try hang-gliding!

Arts & Culture:

With multiple locations popping up around the city, Sunset native 'San Franpsycho' established its name as an street wear shop worn by the true locals. For a more relaxing afternoon, enjoy tea and snacks at the Japanese Tea Garden.


Wander through the San Francisco Zoo with the whole family--right in the backyard of the Sunset District!