Station Express™ FAQ

What happens if I don’t rent an apartment on the first day with my agent?

That’s okay—if you decide to continue working with your agent after the first day to help you find the perfect place, you absolutely can. You should know that you will need to pay your agent a broker’s fee (depending on how the landlord and listing agent structure the fee for the apartment you eventually choose), and also that you will be entitled to the Station Express™ discount rate on our share of the broker’s fee, and your $500 Station Express™ purchase will be credited towards that fee. We’re happy to keep working for you and want to make sure we’re all on the same page!

If I keep working with my agent after the first day, how much will the broker’s fee be?

The broker fee you pay would be either 4%, 12% or 13.5% of the total annual rent, depending on the landlord’s agent terms. If the landlord is offering an owner’s payment, you’ll be responsible for a fee equal to  4% of the annual rent. If the landlord is paying his or her agent and not your Station agent, your fee would be 12%. If the landlord is not paying his agent or your Station agent, your fee would be 13.5%. Your $500 Station Express™ purchase will always be credited towards any broker’s fee you pay to your Station agent.

Why can’t you take me to see only ‘No Fee’ apartments?

We are happy to take you to see “No Fee” apartments, but you would still be obliged to pay us a fee for our services.  “No Fee” simply means that the landlord is paying his or her agent and not compensating the Station agent representing you. The NYC tri-state area is a tenant-fee based real estate market which means the agent representing you is compensated by you, the tenant, according to the splits shown above. You can, of course, choose to see these apartments without representation or advocacy, in which case all advantage goes to the landlord and his or her agent. You should also know that there are no regulations surrounding the advertisement of “no fee.” “No fee” is ultimately an advertising hook used by listing agents to generate traffic to their apartments.

Can you help me find a roommate, sublet, or room-share?

If you already have a roommate in mind, we’re happy to work with both of you to make sure both of you are prepared to apply and find a place that you love. That being said, we don’t do roommate paring. It’s important for you to find someone you get a long with well enough to live with them on a daily basis. Since we’re not experts at matchmaking, we’d hate to pair you up with a roommate or sublet that just doesn’t work for you in the long run. However, we’re happy to give any kind of advice we can. Just ask!  

If I don’t find an apartment on the first day, do I get a refund?

We are confident that your Station agent is going to find you some great options to check out during your time together. However, it may turn out that you just can’t find the perfect apartment that checks all your boxes on the first day. However we can’t guarantee you will choose one of the apartments we look at together on day one. The reason we don’t offer refunds is that you’re paying for the agent’s time and effort to spend time researching listings, verifying availability, calling landlords and building managers, creating a custom itinerary, and taking you out to see each property.  

I’m not sure where I want to live yet—can I see apartments in multiple boroughs?

Fun fact: the 5 boroughs cover 319 square miles. Once we connect you with your Station agent, they’re going to spend some time chatting with you to help you determine where your ideal neighborhood is. If you having trouble deciding, it’s usually driven by your budget, desired commute time, and ideal apartment amenities. Due to the amount of time needed  to travel between boroughs, seeing apartments in multiple boroughs will restrict how many properties you can see in one day—and most likely  make your time with your agent inefficient. We recommend sticking to one borough at a time when looking at properties and making sure you’re connecting frequently with your agent to let them know your requirements and preferences.  Narrowing down your choices will actually make the process go faster.

Where is Station Express™ available?

Our Station Express™ service is currently offered in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Hoboken and Jersey City. Station agents can help with rental search in other markets like northern NJ and southern CT, but Station Express™ is not available in those markets.

What is your cancellation policy?

You would need to cancel via a communication to your agent in (such as text or email)  24 hours before your first scheduled appointment. We would then issue you a full refund via your original payment method.

What if my agent can’t identify six properties that meet my criteria?

Our agents want to help you find a place to live: it’s what we love to do and what we’re great at.  That’s why the first thing the agent does is engage with you and help you identify what’s really important to you whether it’s location, amenities, number of bedrooms, pets, or anything in between. Next, the agent will identify properties that fall within that criteria or show you what aspects of your criteria may not fit within your budget. While we can’t make New York an easy place to rent in, it’s our goal to make the experience less stressful and more productive—we’ll always be upfront and transparent, helping you make better and more strategic decisions when it comes to your rental.