Station Express™ FAQ

What happens if I don’t rent an apartment on the first day with my agent?

If you decide to continue working with your agent after the first day to help you find the perfect place, you absolutely can. Station will offer you a discounted commission rate of 12% of the annual lease value of the apartment. You can take as much time as you need to find the right place and still get a 20% discount off the market rate.

Why can’t you take me to see only ‘No Fee’ apartments?

“No fee” simply means that the landlord is paying his/her agent and not compensating your Station agent for representing you. The NYC Tri-State area is a tenant-fee-based real estate market, which means the agent representing you is compensated by you, the tenant. You should also know that there are no regulations surrounding the advertisement of “no fee.”

Can you help me find a roommate, sublet, or room-share?

Finding a roommate or sublet is not just about finding the perfect apartment–it’s also a very personal thing. We’re not experts at matchmaking, so we’d hate to pair you up with a roommate or sublet that just doesn’t work for you in the long run. However, we’re happy to give any kind of advice we can. Just ask!

If I don’t find an apartment on the first day, do I get a refund?

We are confident that your Station agent is going to find you some great options to check out during your time together. However, it may turn out that you just can’t find the perfect apartment that checks all your boxes on the first day. However, we don’t offer refunds because you are paying for the agent’s time and effort to spend time researching listings, verifying availability, calling landlords and building managers, creating a custom itinerary, and taking you out to see each property.  

I’m not sure where I want to live yet—can I see apartments in multiple boroughs?

Once we connect you with your Station agent, they’re going to spend some time chatting with you to help you determine your ideal neighborhood–usually this is driven by your budget, desired commute time, and ideal apartment amenities. Due to the amount of time needed  to travel between boroughs, seeing apartments in multiple boroughs will restrict how many properties you can see in one day—and will likely  make your time with your agent inefficient. We recommend sticking to one borough at a time when looking at properties.

Where is Station Express™ available?

We have Station Agents all over the Tri-State area including New Jersey and Connecticut, who are happy to help you find an apartment–however, Station Express™ is currently only offered in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

What is your cancellation policy?

To qualify for a refund, you must provide at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation.

What if my agent can’t identify six properties that meet my criteria?

That’s why we highly encourage you to do an intake call with your agent so we can get specific information about what you’re looking for. We will not sell you Station Express™ if the apartment you’re looking for doesn’t exist. We’re sorry, but if you’re looking for a $2,000/month one bedroom in a luxury high-rise building in the West Village that will also take a 100lb dog, is 1,000 square feet, has a working fireplace and terrace, and also comes with an in-unit washer and dryer—we can’t help (that apartment doesn’t exist!)