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South Beach

San Francisco's newest neighborhood, full of crisp, clean, skyscraping rental units.


One of the main draws of South Beach is its convenient location to downtown as well as its proximity to the Bay Bridge and East Bay. As one of San Francisco’s newest neighborhoods, South Beach is still figuring out what its claim to fame will be. Other benefits to its great location for business men and women is its slightly warmer weather (San Francisco has micro climates) and its modern, new, fresh apartment and condo complexes with amenities such as pools, spas, and gyms (which are very rare in other parts of SF). Located right on the Bay, South Beach has outstanding views and wide open spaces another aspect of this neighborhood that is unique and fresh.


Next door to downtown San Francisco, and at the foot of the Bay Bridge by the Waterfront, South Beach is perfectly located for young business people. Its proximity to Highways 101 and 280, which go the Peninsula and South Bay Areas, as well as its easy access to East Bay makes South Beach ideal for travel around the city.  Surrounding neighborhoods are Yerba Bueno, the Financial District to the north, Mission bay to the south and the San Francisco Bay to the east.  

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Landmarks & Scenes:

Located just on the bay and near the Bay Bridge, apartments in the area have beautiful views along the Marina that cannot be surpassed! 

Food &Drink:

Restaurants are rarely crowded when it is not baseball season and very crowded when it is! Some favorites in the area are Parago, Townsend, Delancy Street, and South Beach Café. 


As a newer neighborhood, smaller local shops are starting to pop up all around selling everything from books to baked goods. 


With AT&T Park nearby, grabbing a game is easy and is a great way to spend the day with the kids.

Sports & Outdoors:  

Visit South Park for a little time with nature or Embarcadero, a path along the water that is popular with bikers and runners.

Arts & Culture:

As a new neighborhood, South Beach is still trying to define what makes it unique, but as time goes on, more and more culture is entering the neighborhood. 


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