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Oak Park

A strong sense of community and a vibrant and prosperous business sector


Oak Park is a lively suburb, with plenty of foot traffic and public transportation to boot, lending a substantially urban vibe to the already bustling area. A mix mash of ages, cultures and incomes call this village home, and the community has experienced a resurgence as of late, as many young people and families look to escape from the hubub of nearby Chicago while enjoying an easy commute. But don't tell the locals that. Residents revel in the fact that while they are a short ten mile trek to the city center, they are entirely independent of the city of Chicago itself.



Immediately west of downtown, Oak Park is adjacent to the city limits of the downtown area. The very congested 290 Expressway provides access by car, and the green line and Metra are great public transit options that help to avoid the gridlocked traffic. The village of Oak Park is surrounded by the city of Chicago to the east, Elmwood Park and Chicago to the north, Forest Park and River Forest to the west, and Cicero and Berwyn to the south. Close to many outlying suburbs, both Midway and O'Hare airports, the Medial District and downtown Chicago, Oak Park is a great location.

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Landmarks & Scenes:

Home to the world's largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright style residential homes and studio, Take the walking tour, and then continue on to amble around the neighborhood and check out the other homes that have become a historic district of epic proportions.

Food &Drink:

Oak Park offers an impressive sampling of food options that span the culinary gamut. From casual bar fare to Michelin rated hot spots, choices abound for those seeking an awesome dining experience.


Big names, small names, accessibility to nearby suburban malls as well as retail offerings in Chicago proper, and its clear that Oak Park residents have many, many choices.


Locals always provide a strong showing at the many events offered in this friendly, energetic village.

Sports & Outdoors:  

Parks comprise an awesome 80 acres in Oak Park, so looking for green space (some have free wifi!) to chill out with the family, or the dog, or even your laptop, is easy to come by.

Arts & Culture:

The recent revitalization of the Oak Park Arts District has brought people back in droves to check out the tremendous works in the various art galleries on Harrison. Oak Park is home to many well known dance and performing arts companies, the Oak Park Symphony, and various community arts programs.


With so many appealing family friendly options in and around Oak Park, it is no wonder this has become such a popular dwelling place for so many.

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