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Mercer Island

Mercer Island: you’ll either love it or you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about.


Mercer Island sits in the middle of Lake Washington between Seattle and Bellevue, and is the most populated island on a lake in the U.S. Mercer Island has a very desirable public school district, along with the private French American School of Puget Sound and Northwest Yeshiva School. Real estate is extremely expensive here, particularly on the waterfront. It is ideal for families - if you can afford it!


Mercer Island is in the middle of the south end of Lake Washington.


With such a large area, there are all kinds of housing options with numerous apartment complexes, condominiums, and single-family homes. Most single-family homes have 1970s style split housing, mid-century housing, and one level ranch style housing options.


Mercer Island has its own public school district and is well regarded for their strong educational practices. There are also private school options on and off the island.

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landmarks & Scenes:

Mercer Island is the focal point of the Blue Angels Flyover during the Seafair Festival in the summer. Roanoke Inn on the north end of the island has been operating since 1914 and you can eat and drink outside if the weather is favorable.

Food & Drink:

Stopsky's Delicatessen has great bagels, plus you can find Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants on Mercer Island. Freshy's Seafood Market and Deli in a refurbished gas station, offers fresh fish to take home and cook. You can also eat their fish tacos or fish and chips in house.


Mercer Island isn’t known for its shopping, but you can get all of your basic needs met from the chain grocery stores and drugstores. For more interesting shopping, you generally have to go off the island.


Check out the Youth Theatre Northwest, plus the summer entertainment for the 4th of July. Otherwise, you are going to go off island for concerts, art galleries, movies, plays, and more.

Sports & Outdoors:

The 77-acre Luther Burbank Park and the Park on the Lid (over the I-90) are two great options for free green space. Luther Burbank has a dock, fishing, beach, BBQs and an off-leash dog area. If you fancy riding, go to the Mercer Island Saddle Club at the south end of the island.


You can cheer your kids on at Little League or soccer. Karate or martial arts are also offered, while there is tennis at the Mercerwood Shore Club. Everyone jump in the water at the Mary Wayte swimming pool.

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