Family friendly, peaceful and calm.


Magnolia is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle. Due to its isolated location, Magnolia offers residents a respite from the busy city, while allowing them to enjoy space and some of the best bay views. Often considered on the higher end for real estate, Magnolia is both affluent and highly sought after for its amazing properties, proximity to Seattle and tranquil atmosphere. Despite its separation from the rest of the city, Magnolia is bustling with community activities all year!


As the second largest neighborhood in Seattle, as well as one of the oldest, Magnolia offers residents a great location. Sitting on the hilly peninsula northeast of downtown, Magnolia has great views and a lush landscape. Surrounded by water on almost all sides, Magnolia is separate from much of Seattle. Interbay and Queen Anne are just to the east of the neighborhood, connecting Magnolia to the rest of the city.


Many residents of Magnolia live in single-family homes with spacious yards. Though it might look like the suburbs, Magnolia offers its residents a wide variety of options and housing styles.

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landmarks & Scenes

The views! Stunning on a blue or even grey, sky day, Magnolia enjoys some of the best beaches, marinas and sunsets.

Food & Drink:

Local, family owned restaurants are sprinkled around the neighborhood perfect for a bite with friends or a quick take out meal during the week!


Not only are there small boutiques all over the neighborhood, but access to grocery stores and farmer’s markets means you never have to travel too far to shop.


Grab your friends and family and head to the water for the views or out for some dinner!

Sports & Outdoors

Small parks and outdoor spaces are all over Magnolia. Plus, Discovery Park, which covers nearly half of the neighborhood, has everything you could desire from hiking to boating.

Arts & Culture:

Peaceful and calming, the feel and atmosphere of Magnolia can be felt by just enjoying a walk around the neighborhood.


Big yards, community activities, and a family-friendly vibe make Magnolia the perfect spot for families.

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