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Lake View

Easy to navigate, food, and entertainment options are abundant


Lake View is a destination for locals and tourists from all walks of life. Encompassing a huge geographical area within the city, it is always buzzing with people and entertainment. Lake View is energetic, congested, alive, and just plain fun. There is no small town feel to this neighborhood... it's all big city. Shops and restaurants of every imaginable origin line the main thoroughfares of Clark, Halsted, Sheffield, and Broadway. Convenience, accessibility, and safety are typically the words used by locals to describe the neighborhood in general, and the location is spectacular.



Lake View is in the middle of everything; to its south lies Lincoln Park, another hip, vibrant, equally desirable area. To the north is Uptown, a neighborhood that has recently undergone an expansive revitalization, and east will bring you to Lake Michigan. There isn't enough time in a weekend, or a week, or a month to hit all of the attractions that Lake View offers, but that is most definitely part of its appeal. It is bordered to the north by Irving Park Rd., to the south by Diversey Ave., to the east by Lake Michigan, and to the west by Ravenswood Ave.

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Landmarks & Scenes:

With so many genuinely fun things to do in the area, it's all about priorities. Pick your passion, whether it be food, or theater, or sports, or music, (or glass blowing, or get the point) and then get going! Graceland Cemetery is the resting place for many founders of Chicago and Chicago industry. Their graves are as ornate and almost as large as the homes they left behind. Graceland is a quiet, gorgeous walk that offers tours, or you can get a free map and spend hours walking the grounds yourself.

Food &Drink:

With everything from Byron's, a small but steady Lake View institution, serving cheap Chicago dogs and fries, to Cafe Tola, a popular Mexican style cafe and coffee bar, Lake View has something for everyone.


You could walk for hours... and still... more shopping. With numerous areas like Southport Corridor there is no end in sight with big names as well as a handful of high-end boutiques, including those that cater to dogs.


Lake View offers all kinds of entertainment. The Music Box Theatre, opened in 1929, is still a very popular theatre that plays classic movies, current hits, sing-alongs, and even hosts Hollywood openings for Chicago-centric major films. The Holiday Club is a cornerstone Lake View club and bar popular with hipsters and the old-school crowd. Its guaranteed fun, no matter your preference for cuffed jeans and Pabst Blue Ribbon canned beer.

Sports & Outdoors:  

Wrigley Field, built in 1914, celebrated its 100th anniversary and is currently undergoing renovations to modernize the building; however, the historical aspects remain one of the best reasons to watch a Chicago Cubs baseball game here. Clark St., just outside the gates of Wrigley Field, is a great place to grab a bite outside and enjoy the summer weather.

Arts & Culture:

Lake View is full of arts and culture of all varieties. There is the Mercury Theater, a small popular playhouse where big name productions come to play for a modest and appreciative audience. The Music Playhouse is a venue that has musical activities, classes, and camps for children and families.


Family focus is a large part of Lake View, a great example being the children's festival held during the "Summer on Southport" block party, as well as a strong focus on education.

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