Are you already a local expert?

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The most important part of the amazing, white-glove service we provide our clients, is our local knowledge and our fabulous team that provide it to our clients. Do these characteristics describe you?


  • You love working with people of all different types of backgrounds and cultures
  • You've lived in your city for a while now
  • When friends or family come in from out-of-town, you can't wait to show them around
  • You've worked in customer service before
  • Working for yourself and having a flexible schedule is the ideal situation for you


If you answered yes to these questions, you could be a great addition to our team of experts in your city!


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Real Estate: The best career, ever.

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Learn More about Getting your Real Estate Salesperson's license

Have more questions about getting your real estate license?

Visit the New York State Department of State site here to learn more.  

a great job + a great lifestyle

Real estate salespersons are contractors--that means you set your own schedule. It's a great way to balance your life goals with earning a living--that's why so many people love making real estate a career. You'll earn commission on apartments you broker, and in some cases, local knowledge you give to your clients. This means you're in control of your income--the sky is the limit! 


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