The Lowdown

Who is Dwellworks?

Dwellworks Property Advisors is part of Dwellworks, LLC--Dwellworks is a business-to-business provider of services to the global corporate mobility/relocation industry. We provide a range of support services to relocation management companies and organizations to help employees and their families transition successfully from their home location to a new destination.

What do you do?

Dwellworks Property Advisors is a full-service real estate brokerage, that does all the things you probably know a brokerage to do--like help individuals find apartments. We also add something different to the mix--localized expertise. We provide useful, interesting, and relevant information to help people find their perfect neighborhood, figure out the fastest commute to their office, or even find the best artisanal gefilte fish (here, if you're curious.) Most importantly, we deliver all this via a stellar customer experience. That's our bread and butter. 

We want you to spend less time on your move, and more time on things that really matter in your life, like your new job, your family, partner, or your search for the best donuts on the planet (by the way, they're here.)

Who do you help?

We find apartments for people in the greater NYC area and Mexico City (with more cities coming soon!) We also provide customized, local expertise, to help people discover their neighborhoods and settle-in like a pro (see "What do you do?") Even if you don't end up finding an apartment with us, we guarantee you'll love the experience of working with our team. 

So, is this free?

If you're looking for great advice and helpful information about moving to the greater NYC area or Mexico City, that's free. No questions asked. 

If you want to take advantage of our specialized brokerage services, it's a little different (see "How do you get paid?" below)

How do you get paid?

We can get paid a few different ways:

  • Sometimes, we're paid by you (the customer--via a brokers fee) if you decide to use our specialized brokerage services
  • Sometimes, the brokers fee is paid by the building owners 
  • Sometimes, your employer pays part or all of the brokerage fee
  • All of the time, our friendly tips, advice, and counsel on your move, is free (though high-fives, hugs, and social media likes are appreciated, too!)

What if my employer is paying the broker fee? 

That's great! Chances are, if your employer is paying your broker fee, they're likely working with a company called an "RMC" (Relocation Management Company.) We work with just about all of 'em, so there's a great chance we'll be working with you. Just be sure to mention that when you reach out to us so we can make sure everything is good to go. 

What areas do you service? 

We cover the greater New York City area, which means all 5 New York  boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island) New Jersey, Westchester County (and surrounding areas) and parts of Connecticut, as well as Mexico City, Mexico. If you're not sure if we cover the city you're interested in, just drop us a line! 

What else do I need to know? 

Moving and home finding is overwhelming--there's a lot to learn. Here's how you can get started now: 

You can click here to request our free NYC Rental Guide, which gives you the basics on how to start your move to the city. We're still working on our Mexico City guide, but you can sign up to be notified when it's completed.

If you want even more information on New York City, we really love this quick (and really funny) book by Nathan Pyle. You can pick it up on Amazon here.

Jim Johnston's guide on Mexico City is also worth a read, too. You can find it on Amazon here.