East Village

Casual, quirky, fun--a counterculture vibe straight from the 60's


East Village is one of the areas in Manhattan that has maintained its original vibe and counterculture since the 1960s. Home to movements like Punk Rock, this area has had a flair for the original since it was recognized as its own neighborhood. The community is known for its diversity, vibrant nightlife, and artistic flair, with a healthy love of food and all kinds of entertainment.

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Food & Drink:

In East Village you can never go wrong with food. There is something for everyone here, with Ukrainian food at Veselka and your morning - or evening - coffee fix at The Bean. Don’t forget to stop at Katz’s, one of the best Delis in New York!


East Village is full of boutiques with unique goods from all over the world. Check out Porto Rico Coffee Company for excellent, fresh and fair trade coffee or Waga for traditional African clothing and art. Timbuktu offers home goods from Morocco, while John Derian offers artsy decoupage and household items to give your home a little flair.


Be sure to visit Sunshine Theater for shows and concerts, or hang out at any of East Village’s many bars and restaurants! For a fun night out try to Find PDT, or Please Don’t Tell, a Speakeasy behind Crif Dogs; pick up the receiver and a hostess opens the back wall of the booth.

Sports & Outdoors:  

Have a picnic in Tompkins Square Park for summer outdoor film night, or visit Albert’s Garden for some peace and quiet.

Arts & Culture:

Check out the local Farmers’ Market to get the freshest fruit and vegetables.


Grab the kids and visit the park or take them out for a special treat to one of the many ice cream shops. For something different, visit Puddin for specialty puddings for dessert.