A young, vibrant, and diverse, up-and-coming neighborhood



Bushwick is one of the newest "hot" neighborhoods in Brooklyn, as other neighborhoods have become more expensive and "discovered." A strong artist community has helped Bushwick grow and flourish providing the neighborhood with many art galleries and studio spaces. Bushwick, once a heavily Hispanic neighborhood, is full of young professionals as well as local families. The neighborhood’s history can still be seen today with excellent restaurants all around the neighborhood. Affordable, varied housing plus trendy restaurants and boutiques abound make Bushwick a great option in Brooklyn.

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Food &Drink:

Though Hispanic cuisine is the main staple of the area, there are bakeries, pizza shops, and new places popping up every day!


Local markets line the streets with fresh produce, specialty foods, unique finds and the everyday essentials at your local pharmacy.


Nightlife in Bushwick is very popular with art galleries and performance spaces.

Sports & Outdoors:  

Though Bushwick may seem like a very urban neighborhood, public basketball courts and playgrounds are very popular everyday of the week for some time outdoors.

Arts & Culture:

Though the neighborhood’s traditional Hispanic roots run deep, there is an influx of young professionals and students who love the atmosphere and diversity, creating a new cultural blend. And did we mention the superb murals and graffiti art?


Bushwick is full of families with young children and you will often see them running on the playground.

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