How to Take Advantage of Student Discounts in New York City

Let’s not sugar coat it: living in NYC is expensive. Really expensive. Between paying for rent, food, transportation, and the odd night out on the weekends, it’s not surprising to find yourself with some free time but strapped for cash. Luckily, living in the city doesn’t mean everything you do is going to cost you and arm and a leg. There are some great places to visit that are completely free—and if you have a student I.D., there are a laundry list of businesses that offer great student discounts.


The free stuff

Central Park should be at the top of your list. Located in the center of the island of Manhattan, Central Park is an iconic part of the city—and for good reason. When you find yourself deep within it, it’s almost hard to remember that you’re standing on an island filled with 1.7 million people. There’s a beautiful pond, amazing statues, green areas to catch some sun, and street performers galore.

The High Line connects the Meatpacking District with Chelsea, ending in Hell’s Kitchen. It was once an elevated train track that has been turned into a nature-filled walking oasis. The views of the city are incredible and there are stops along the way to get some delicious food and drinks. 

If you need something free to do on a rainy day, the New York Public Library doesn’t disappoint. Its most iconic location is the main branch called the Schwarzman building. The building itself is surrounded by a beautiful park, but the real treasures are inside—where you’ve probably seen some of the interiors in your favorite movies. Even if you’re not quite the book worm, there are many free exhibits of rare books and artifacts that make for a great way to spend a free day inside.

The Statue of Liberty is one of those things that everyone should see once in their lifetime. Yet, paying about $20.00 to do so might make it easy to put it off. But did you know you could see the statue by water completely free? The Staten Island ferry, which carries people between lower Manhattan and Staten Island, is a great way to see Lady Liberty without paying a dime. Not to mention, it’s provides great views of Manhattan itself.

 If you’re a fan of craft beer, Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg gives free tours on Saturday and Sunday.


The discounted stuff

 City Guide has a great listing of all kinds of businesses that offer student discounts to college students here. These include tickets to Mets games, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, J. Crew, and even Madewell.


Bring Your Student ID!

It kind of goes without saying but in order to get these discounts, you’ll need to have a valid student I.D. and you may need your driver’s licenses or state I.D. as well.

Kim Hill