Getting to the Chicago Airports

Chicago is home to two major airports just nearby: O’Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW.) Both are easily accessible by car, or public transit. Here’s what you should know about getting to and fro:



The Metra is Chicago’s light rail service and is used mostly be those who live far out in the Chicago suburbs. You can take the Metra to O’Hare on the North Central Service (NCS) line and get off at the O’Hare Transfer station. From there, a free shuttle bus will take you to any terminal in the airport.

The L

You can take the blue line train all the way to O’Hare directly. This is the most economical option and the fastest, especially during peak commute times.


You can get an Uber or Lyft to or from O’Hare but when catching a car from the airport, there are special instructions as to where you will find the car based on the car type. Regular Uber/Lyft cards (like UberSelect, Lyft Plus) will be upstairs at Departures. If you’re using a high-end service like Uber Black or Lyft Lux, your car will be downstairs at Arrivals.


The Metra

It’s not really convenient to take the Metra to Midway, unlike O’Hare.

The L

Like O’Hare, Midway has an L like running directly to the airport. You can take the orange line to or from Midway directly.


You can pick up an Uber or Lyft at the arrivals level of the airport. Unlike at O’Hare, there is no separation of car request type at Midway.

You can easily get a Taxi at either MDW or ORD—just head to the taxi stand at either airport.