Farmer's Markets in NYC

Fresh, local produce is the best way to celebrate the changing of the seasons and support the community. Wandering through the stalls will surely inspire you as you plan to create a zesty meal for friends or meal prep your lunches for the work week ahead.

Throughout the city and around the seasons, there are over 130 markets available to residents. In recent years, GrowNYC has responded to the demand for locally grown foods by launching Greenmarket Co. This system of farmer’s markets provides regional produce at markets located throughout the city, the largest being the Union Square Greenmarket. For bonus points in sustainability, check your nearest market to see if it accepts compost scraps or clothing donations.

East Village Market.jpg

For a true “farm-to-table” experience, head to the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn. On the last Saturday of the month during the growing season, you can pick your own produce while you admire the skyline of the city. If you’re looking for another complete experience, catch a cooking demonstration and enjoy the live entertainment at the New York Botanical Garden farmer’s market. Seeking the unexpected? Head to Morningside Park’s Down to Earth Farmer’s Market for fresh pressed olive oil, artisanal cheeses, or a local brew.

What’s in season? Your shopping list will change seasonally when you begin frequenting local markets. Summer produce includes tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, blackberries, and green beans. In the autumn, look for apples, figs, cabbage, parsnips, onions, potatoes, squash, and zucchini. Winter is the time to try Brussels sprouts, leeks, turnips, and winter squash. Spring brings lettuce, radishes, peas, and strawberries.

After you score a bountiful collection of produce, what dishes will you create? Choose pasta, pizza, salad, or a quiche that showcases the ingredients. Here are a few places to get inspired:

·       Southern Living Magazine

·       Bon Appetit


·       All Recipes

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Below, we share a few final tips to prepare for your trip to the market.

1. Check the hours and details before you head out the door. Some markets operate during unexpected times or only on certain days of the week. Also, current weather conditions may result in canceled or relocated markets.

2. Bring your own bags! Designate a few canvas bags or reusable plastic totes as your “market bags.”

3. Vendors are increasingly accepting of credit card payments, but having some cash on hand is never a bad idea. Some vendors require cash payments if your purchase total is under a certain amount.

4. Find a vendor you trust and build a relationship for them. As you get to know one another, the vendor will be able to give you personalized suggestions and they will look forward to seeing you every week.

5. If you need help, ask! Vendors want you to enjoy your purchase, so have the experts help you determine if your peaches will be ripe by the weekend.

With the reinvigorated commitment to obtaining local produce in New York City, you won’t have any trouble finding a market for all your fresh favorites. Happy shopping!