Dwellworks Property Advisors Acquires D. Baum & Co

Seven months ago, Dwellworks Property Advisors acquired D. Baum & Co. to combine forces and grow our team of real estate professionals. So far, the transition has far exceeded our expectations as our two teams come together to integrate under the Dwellworks Property Advisors name. This has also given us the ability to expand our reach globally, and continue to help people moving for work, relocate all over the globe.

We’re very excited about all the things to come in 2018. To accommodate our larger team and expanding business, we’ve settled into a gorgeous new corporate office in Manhattan at 33 Irving Place. It’s a WeWork office space, which gives our agents the ability to meet with their clients in 47 offices throughout the city. In addition, we’re also growing our team of real estate professionals in order to meet the demand of our clients and corporate partners, while still providing a white glove level of service that our clients have come to expect from us.

Most importantly, we’re really looking forward to helping more people find relocating for work less scary, and more enjoyable. Moving to a new city can be really stressful, but our team of professionals are passionate about changing that experience for everyone.

Focus on your life. We’ll focus on your apartment hunt.


Owen M. McCafferty II