New Years in New York

New Years in New York

NYC is a true melting pot of cultures and traditions due to the diversity of its residents. The grand celebration in Times Square isn’t to be missed, as it is known the world over. The celebrations of the New Year are no exception to the diverse qualities of the city; you’ll find creative parties in every corner.  As is common in the Big Apple, there is something to suit everyone.

Watch the ball drop

When most people think of new years in NYC, they have two thoughts, gala event (which we will talk about next) or standing outside with millions of people to catch a glimpse of the ball dropping. Watching the ball drop can be a special event but is often logistically challenging so here are a few tips to make standing for a few hours, often in the cold, with a bunch of strangers, a little more fun!

·      Bring your own food and water: once you are in place, there isn’t anywhere to go for food or drinks. Depending on how early you arrive you will want to have something to snack on or some water to stay hydrated.

·      Don’t expect to find a public restroom: once you are in line, the chance of finding a place that will let you use their bathroom for free since there are no public restrooms is slim to none. Plus, if you move you lose as the saying goes and your hard-earned spot will be taken by others.

·      Wear comfortable and weather appropriate clothing: there is nothing worse than being stuck outside in painful shoes or without the correct number of layers.

·      Have an exit plan: as soon as that ball drops you, and a few million other people will be jostling to get home. Many of them won’t have planned an exit strategy so take a few extra minutes to create a plan, and you should be able to beat many of them out of the fray. 

Pay for an all-inclusive party of some kind at a bar or restaurant

For many, the thought of being indoors, with access to drinks or food and a bathroom is a much more preferable way to ring in the new year. Bars and restaurants all over the city host new years events that you can purchase tickets to attend. Many events offer some kind of deal with their ticket such as an open bar, a set number of drinks with each ticket purchase, food, etc. depending on your budget the events can vary greatly. This is where a lot of people imagine New Yorkers heading to extravagant galas, or out for a special night on the town. While these events do exist, they are not the only option. Lots of websites post information about ticket prices and availability as well as what’s included at each event. For more options check out a few here

Hang with friends or family at home with your own party!

If you read the above descriptions and inwardly groaned thinking of actually participating in either, then another option is the beloved house (or apartment) party. This option is fun for a million reasons. It’s in a comfortable place, food and drinks are available, if you are hosting, the theme and mood are up to you, the list goes on!

A few of the other fun events people enjoy include cruises around the city as well as concert and other shows. If these ideas aren’t to your liking, New York is the perfect place to make your New Years Eve dreams a reality.

Happy New Years from everyone at Property Advisors, we look forward to working with you in 2018!