5 Reasons Why Moving During Winter is a Great Idea

Skating to great deals may be a bit challanging, though. 

Skating to great deals may be a bit challanging, though. 

Moving can be a stressful time. Packing up belongings, cleaning out the previous home, and lugging around goods aren’t really anybody’s idea of fun. Add moving in the middle of the winter to that list, and most people cringe at the thought of sloshing around in the snow and sludge.

But what if we told you that there are some benefits to moving during the colder months of the year? It might be hard to believe, but moving between November and March may just be the best time of year to relocate to New York! Here’s why:

1. Units are Available at Lower Rates

It’s no secret that winter time is real estate’s slow season and desperate times call for desperate measures. Landlords looking to fill their rental units may be more inclined to lower their rates. After all, some income is better than none. 

2. Landlords Provide Better Deals

If a landlord won’t lower their rent, some may be open to offering deals, such as the first month rent-free, or perhaps they’ll waive an application fee. Keep in mind that not every landlord will be open to this idea, but with the right leveraging, some may agree to price-reducing bargains.

3. Moving Companies are Less Expensive

Like landlords, moving companies also see a decrease in activity during the winter months. For this reason, the competition between these companies becomes more significant, resulting in lower moving rates.

4. Your Belongings May be Safer

Items that are especially susceptible to heat, such as vinyl records, wax candles, expensive soaps, food items, and electronics must be moved with care and urgency during the summer months, as scorching temperatures can melt and severely damage items, especially if left in trunks or moving trucks for hours on end. Moving when the climate is significantly cooler alleviates this concern.

5. Less Competition

The winter months are a landlord’s least favorite time of year, especially if they have vacancies, because less people move during these months. However, this works in a prospective tenant’s favor, since there will be less competition attempting to win the same rental.

While the idea of moving furniture in a winter coat and boots sounds like a hassle, it may be worth it in the long run, especially if you happen to score an apartment at a lower rate. And who knows--the rental unit of your dreams just might be available during the coldest time of year!