Astoria Train Stations to be Closed for Repairs

Beginning on October 23, 2017, construction will begin on the N/W subway line. This construction will completely shut down two Astoria stations, at 30th Avenue and 36th Avenue; these shut downs could last for up to eight months and are the beginning of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plan to revolutionize more than 30 of the subway stations across Astoria by 2021.

When construction is completed, these two stations will have a modernized look and feel, complete with updated station entrances, renovated mezzanines, and the addition of USB ports, digital screens, security cameras, LED lights, and countdown timers. These changes are meant to create cleaner, safer, brighter, and more modernized subway stations.  Elevators are not expected to be a part of the revisions made to the stations.  

In July of 2018, two additional stations, Broadway and 39th Avenue, will be shut down for seven months for modifications. Upon completion, they will have improvements similar to the ones being implemented at the 30th and 36th Avenue stations.

While completely shutting these stations down for repairs will prevent total use, the MTA reports that leaving them open during construction could stretch work to last for up to three years, as repair crews would only be able to operate at night and on weekends.

Owen M. McCafferty II